Friday, February 11, 2011

Eli the Stretch Master

Then (2 days old)

Baby button Eli, cause he's as cute as a button! He was baby C in the ultrasounds but once Caleb was pulled out he took advantage of the extra room and got in front of Thomas and so became baby B. He was at the top of my belly so I felt him move around the most. He was my smallest guy and even though all were over 4 pounds he was the only one that dipped bellow 4 pounds shortly after birth. One obvious thing about Eli is he loves to stretch, even more so than his brothers. He does it as a job, a sense of duty and he does it well. So far he shows the best control over his hands, he won't really reach for things but if it's right in front of him he'll try to pick it up. Eli is also a champ at arching his back, he says he aspires to be in the Olympics for the pole vault. Lots of friends and family agree that he arches his back when stretching more than any other baby they've seen. Even in the ultrasound pics he arched his back.



Jonalyn said...

Well, he's gotta hold a stretch for that long after being swaddled! That was some serious stretching. :)

Jessica said...

Phil and Janet,
Thanks for the posts of the little guys as individuals. To us they look alike and are The Trips, but to your family they have 3 different little personalities. Thanks for the updates.
Jessica Schneidereit

Anonymous said...

cute :)