Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thomas the Tank

Then (2 days old)

The triplet with the most nicknames. Mr. T, T-man sweets, Tom-Tom, Thomas the tank. Caleb was the name I liked most and Phil liked Eli (I thought Eli was too short since they wouldn't have middle names so we decided on Elias with a Spanish pronunciation). We were short a name so we thought a family name would be lovely. We settled on Thomas the boys' paternal great grand father who lived till he was 92! If Thomas had been a girl he'd have been named after their maternal great grandmother Belen (Bethlehem in Spanish). Both sets of great grandparents were faithful to God right up to the end of their lives and so we hope the same for our boys.

He was baby B in the ultrasound and baby C after he was born. Once he's old enough to realize it he will probably always resent Eli for taking his spot. Thomas was the only baby I saw right after they pulled him out with all the goo still on him and it made me glad I didn't have to touch him till after the clean up. He's the tank because he was my biggest baby and best eater. He yanked out his feeding tube in the NICU and the nurses never had to put it back in. After a day or two we noticed he had a dark red spot on his head which we all thought was just a little birth mark. About a week later we noticed what we thought was a scratch near his eye. Well it was neither a birth mark nor a scratch. They kept getting bigger and puffier. Turns out they are both hemangiomas. Not to worry the docs say, they are somewhat common and they go away in a couple of years with out a trace, not even a scar (unless they are really big, but both are considered small). Thomas I'd say is the most observant baby. When he was just a newborn and awake in his swing or pack n play he'd always stare at the warning labels intently studying them. He is the most talkative and makes lots of different sounds. We wouldn't be surprised if he was the first to talk. His latest accomplishment is standing, he says "why sit when you can stand!"



Jonalyn said...

Wow! Strong legs!

Tati said...

he looks like he's trying to dance at the beginning ^.^

nan cee said...

The pictures and videos are so great! They keep the family posted on how the boys are growing and developing their own little personalities. I have my own nick name for Thomas; since you named him after my Dad, I call him "Little Daddy". Before long they can start helping you. Pay back time!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy