Wednesday, August 24, 2011

42 min of Peace and Quiet

Watching Eebee's

Thomas, Caleb, Eli

We discovered Eebee's Adventures: Music and Sounds on instant Netflix and the boys are wild over it. It's 42 minutes long and during that time we can count on them being fully entertained and completely unaware of anything else. We play it for them at least once a day usually so Phil and I can eat dinner or if they are getting too cranky before bedtime this buys us some time while we get everyone ready for bed. We've tried other show's like this on Netflix but nothing else compares to Eebee's. I don't want to create tv junkies but let's just call it survival!

A Much Over Due Thank You

Occasionally when I was pregnant and people found out I was expecting triplets they'd say "oh you'll have to hire a nanny" or "oh you'll need a maid." I never knew quite what to say to that since I wasn't sure if they were joking or serious but I think most of the time they were serious. In my mind I'd roll my eyes and think 'yeah right like we can afford that!' Of course, both a maid and nanny are needed, but after three pay cuts, that is not an option. We've never spent a penny in credit card interest and we are not about to now. Thankfully though we have many many wonderful friends and family that have helped us along.

One such friend, Keturah, has cleaned our house every other week since the boys were about two month olds and still does! Another friend, Hava, when the boys were small faithfully came every Wednesday so I could take a nap and make it to meeting that night. Now she comes whenever I need to do errands or go to appointments were I can't take the babies. While Hava is beautiful both inside and out I don't have a flattering picture of her to post but hopefully I'll get one soon!

Our friend Keturah being silly
The boys like watching their friend Oscar play the wii (not pictured here)
The preemie bottles from the NICU are a big hit with the boys. Why are my fav outfits always the silly retro hand-me-downs?


BBBEPR~Waind said...

I am going to have to check out Eebee's! Our sanity break comes in the form of "Gigglebellies" I swear, I sing the songs in my sleep sometimes :)

Jonalyn said...

How cute is that!! I love how into the show they are. :)

JP said...

How cute I like Gigglebellies better! I'll try to get it for them, thanks : )