Monday, August 15, 2011


C T E at 4mo old

C E T now

The boys are almost 11 months old and it almost makes me want to cry when I think they won't be babies for much longer. No matter how hard I try to enjoy them, hug them, kiss them, play with them, I just can't get enough of them! Time is slipping away from me and I can't do anything about it. They say there are mom's of 'firsts' and mom's of 'lasts.' Meaning, some mom's can't wait for their kid to experience a new first thing. While other mom's cherish their baby's lasts, like last time in a cute outfit or last time in their crib. I'm definitely a mom of lasts, I discovered that out when at 7lbs I was still squeezing the boys into their preemie clothes.

So I've started thinking about our next stroller options, and I've been eye-ing this pseudo triplet stroller where two sit and one stands. The advantage is that it's the size of a regular double stroller but it accommodates three. I figure when they are bigger I should be able to convince one of them to ride standing. Then it occurred to me that by then they will have outgrown their real triplet stroller, I can't stand the thought of it even though we have a good year before that happens. Even if I wanted to I could never have triplets again or a sweet little preemie to overprotect. I even get a little jealous of expectant M.O.M.'s. It's such a worthwhile exciting adventure and such a unique experience that few ever get to live through. I didn't know it was possible to miss something before it's even over.

On the other hand I do get excited that the boys are learning new things and developing as they should. I just wish it took a little longer.


The boys all free-stand and they can do it without using anything to pull themselves up. They are soooooo close to taking that first step. I just haven't been able to coax them to try it, although Caleb took a mini step were he repositioned one of his legs so he could balance better. I won't count it since he wasn't trying to move forward. Caleb has always had the lead on mobility, he was the first to roll over at a tender 3mo old, so my bets are all on him to be the first to walk.

Sometimes I think the boys have lousy appetites but I don't worry about it since they poop so dang much! I get 150 cloth diapers delivered every week but in reality we use about 120 diapers a week and since the cost is the same we've kept the same order. Well recently on two separate occasions we've actually run out of diapers! Here are some truths:

-There are about 6-9 poopy diapers per day
-Everyone mostly poops in the morning or early afternoon
-Caleb can have a poopy diaper at anytime of the day, that boy can poop!
-Their poop is getting really really smelly : (

Seriously though, they only eat healthy stuff, mostly fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and a little bit of poultry.


nan cee said...

Yes, babies grow up too fast and before you know you will have little boys walking and running all over the place. It is sad to see them leave babyhood but then you have a whole new program to look forward to as they grow,do new things, and talk more. Time flies when you are having fun!
My love you,
A. Nancy

Jessica said...

Their initial are etc. how neat.

Sara 诗媛 said...

I remember mourning the loss of several different stages, and as it goes by you realize how quickly they will change. I have a children's story book "If I Could Keep You Little" it goes through the conflict of how a Mother treasures the routines of small children, but how she wants her child to be able to grow up too. Just yesterday, as we went for a walk, I thought how I dread the day when I don't need a stroller anymore! (Of course I use strollers for kids up to 4/5 years since I walk more than a kid can at that age, so I have a few more years:) Nothing like babyhood, but you have super fun stages ahead! Rachel says, "I wish we could keep James' two, he is so cute and funny!"

Tati said...

ooh, it'll be two against three little ones running as fast as their little feet will take them :) and they got cuter! i didn't think that was possible!

psychology grad student said...

I'm definitely a mom of "firsts". As soon as soon as they barely grow out of an outfit, I toss it gleefully for the newer, a-little-too-baggy, outfit.

Your babies look great! I love your posts, please keep them coming. I'd look into the ABC Adventure buggy from's AWESOME.

JP said...

Just checked it out and while it seems cool, I don't want another "attention mobile!" I'd just like to blend into the crowd sometime in the near'll get very sick of the attention soon too if you haven't already : )

psychology grad student said...

oh, boo! My love of the ABC is that it's nothing like my horrible triple decker. Talk about attention. I hate it for the most part. One negative comment (usually having to do with fertility assistance, which I didn't have), ruins the other 10 nice ones. I thought the ABC would be more discreet...but I guess not? :(