Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visit to the Oregon Aquarium

I really need to post more often, I'm getting so behind. It's been about two weeks since my mom left. Three weeks ago I got a call from my mom saying she just can't take it any more and NEEDS to see the babies and if it's ok with us she'll hop on a Greyhound that evening and be here the next day. I was more than thrilled to say the least since I had no scheduled visitors to come any time soon. Please if anyone wants to come visit/help with the babies don't be shy we WANT you to come!

Since my mom was here we thought we'd take advantage of the extra help and go to the Oregon coast aquarium. Of course since it's summer there was not a single hotel room to book so we found a cheap motel in Corvallis about an hour away from the aquarium. It worked out really well since the babies could nap on the way there and on the way back. I'd say the boys are a little young for the aquarium but it was still a fun getaway. We also got the chance to explore Corvallis a bit. It's so cute and reminds us of Davis CA. I want to live there! But we say that about every new place we visit : )

The boys love menu's

The boys generally behave really well at restaurants but this time something was off, they were being little rascals!


Tati said...

so cute! what restaurant were the bottom pictures at?

Phil said...

That was Block 15 brewery in Corvallis

Jonalyn said...

Awww, your mom was going through withdrawal. :( Glad she got to visit again!

Christine Huntley said...

Corvallas is a nice town. Has two english cong. not sure about spanish. My mom lived in the town of Philomath, you drove thru it going to the coast range, and went to the Corvallis hall.

The boys look like they had a blast. They are getting soo big. Miss them and of course you.
take care.

psychology grad student said...

I'm the same way! I sooo want people to come and help! I love your blog, btw.