Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Boy Car Seats!

The boys loved playing with the boxes

Thomas modeling the convertible car seat.
That's right they come with sippy cup holders!

Phil took this pic with his nifty fifty lens...what a handsome boy! Am I right?

I was getting literally tired of carrying the boys around in those infant car seats and always having them around the house taking up precious space. I figured since they are all walking now (just barely, they fall a lot) that soon enough I can just take them by the hand and walk them short distances making the practicality of infant car seats obsolete.

I decided I didn't want to get them used because the thought of running around trying to get three "good deals" on craigslist was waaaaaay toooooo much work right now even though the savings would have been spectacular. As I started to do the research online for the "perfect" car seat within our meager budget of $100-$120/seat. I quickly got overwhelmed and decided that since I always bargain hunt that I'd give myself a break, kind of as a present to myself. Babies r Us was having a trade in deal where if you bring in something old you can get 25% off something new. Perfect I thought, that way I can get rid of the hand-me down car seats that were about to expire anyways. As a side note THANK YOU ALL who donated their old car seats to us, they served us well! So the plan was for me to walk into the store and pick out a seat, no fussing, no research, just pick out what I liked and hope for the best. Sounds easy right? Well, when I got to the store I really stressed out, Phil was at home with the boys and I realized how much I rely on his input when making decisions. I felt very insecure about my decision until I got home and saw that Phil really liked the seats. We both agreed that they look so cushy and comfortable that we wouldn't mind riding in them as well.

They were $160 but with the 25% off they ended up being only $120, we dropped a total of $360, holy cow! The good thing is that we won't have to get anything else after them because they turn into booster seats and are rated up to 100lbs, I can't even imagine how old they'll be when that happens! Also they are rated up to 40lbs for the rear facing position, it's now recommended babies stay rear facing as long as possible since their heads are too big for their tiny necks and could be badly hurt in an accident if they were forward facing.

We can kiss our hopes of ever having two extra seats in our car, these take up a bit more room than the infant car seats, so until the boys weigh 100lbs or are 52 inches tall we'll only have room for one more. We are pretty happy with the purchase so please don't burst my bubble if you happen to know these are the worst seats in history. But if you know these are good seats or you have them too and like them, let me know! It would make me oh so happy : )


Jessica said...

I would say they are the safest looking car seats that I have ever seen in a triplet blog!

Jonalyn said...

Those look like awesome seats! Glad you picked those that have cupholders, you'll be happy! They look like they're enjoying the box. Really, why do we buy our kids toys when all they want are the boxes they came in?