Sunday, September 25, 2011

Free Range Baby

This is a Caleb-tastic post:

Here is a video of Caleb taking a walk in the park

Caleb playing copy cat yelling

Caleb doing a little walk and stopping to dance to his winny the pooh soundtrack

Before I had kids my favorite baby stage was the 0-4 months, because they are so sweet, cuddly, and love to be held at that age. My opinion is changing and I oh so love the boys current stage, I think it's my favorite now! They are so stinking cute! They are so silly and goofy and their personalities are blossoming. Caleb often will look at me with a very serious face and babble on and on about something as if he's telling me something very important. They still love to be held and kissed. They are not old enough to throw tantrums or do anything mean spirited. They get soooo excited about the smallest things. I love watching them feed them selves and the crazy expressions they make with new foods and textures. I could listen to their little voices all day long babbling. Seeing them learn to walk and try so hard not to fall but yet they do over and over again makes me proud that they don't give up . When I discipline them by yelling a loud stern 'NO' they look at me bewildered and smile. But yet they are still very much babies that need their mommy : )

Caleb eating breakfast....

Recent pics...



Thomas loves his car and uses it to try and scale the baby prision


Sue said...

Oh Janet,they are so adorable. It is so fun to watch them walk, thank goodness for the little videos.The 3 pics of Caleb eating breakfast are precious, especially his silly expression in the last photo.I'm glad you were able to capture that at the right moment.

Jessica said...

That park video is adorable. If at first you don't succeed, try try try try again, then go back to a crawl and then try try again. The drive to walk is so strong, I wish my drive to exercise was that that good.

nan cee said...

They just get cuter by the day. Have you got your running shoes on yet? They will be one year old this week won't they? Looks like they are all progressing so well and the videos and pictures are so nice to see. There is something good about technology! Take care and share my love,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

How cute to see Caleb enjoying his newfound skill!

Tati said...

Eli has the hair, man! Love it :)