Friday, September 16, 2011

Cali Trip-part 1 (Davis)

Who do you NOT see in this picture...ME : )

The Road Trip Down

I tried to make it as painless as possible and try to keep the boys usual routine. The plan was to leave at 3am and drive till 8am, the boys pretty much slept most of that time. Our first stop was at a grocery store, I nursed all the boys in the car and Phil and I took a bathroom/coffee break at the store. We drove to a nearby park to feed the boys their breakfast and let them burn off some energery. Unfortunantly I didn't think to bring a blanket and the grass was all wet from watering (of course it's 8am!). Thankfully their were some bucket swings and we were able to swing the boys long enough for the grass to dry some. The boys got good and tired, they all nursed once again and back in the car it was for another 3hrs drive. We stopped at a Starbucks were I nursed the babies and fed them their lunch. Since we were only 2.5hrs away from our destination and it was over 100 degrees outside we decided to make it a quick stop and keep going. The boys did great for most of the trip, Thomas was kind of loosing it the last 1.5hrs but was not too bad. Caleb did well and slept most of the time he was in the car. Eli I think is made to travel since I never heard a peep out of him and he was awake a lot of the time.

Davis, CA

It's hard to get all the Pittsenbarger side of the family together considering one brother is in China, one sister is in Australia, the other sister in Utah, and the Pitts trips are in the PacNorthWest. We got close but no cigar. When we arrived all of Phil's brothers and sisters (families included) were there to greet us, except Garret which was not able to make the trip out from China were he is currently teaching English (so jealous). Immediately everyone crowded around the triplets still in their car seats. This would have scared most babies but these guys have absolutely zero stranger anxiety and I think they welcome the attention. After hugs and kisses all around the boys were put down to play and they went absolutely wild. It's not everyday they get a new landscape to play in. So many new toys and things to explore. We had a blast and we pretty much stayed at Phil's parents house and visited with family and friends as they came by. We had a family dinner party were the boys got to meet the extended family as well. It was also going to be a dual baby shower for Phil's cousin Gabrielle but she went into labor two weeks early and had the baby the night before. She was dead set on making it to the party but thankfully her doctor did not allow it. Especially since half the family caught a bug that was going around triplets and mom included! We are no strangers to sickness since even through much precaution the boys have pretty much gotten something every other month since they came home. The boys got their first fever and dose of Tylenol ever in Cali : (

First Steps in Cali

They came crawling and they left walking! I looked over at Thomas and he was standing with two toys, one in each hand. He wanted to get to a chair that was approximately one step away. I saw him look at his toys, then the ground, then the chair. What to do what to do? I could tell he really didn't want to let go of his toys so he just went for it. One big step toward the chair! A couple days later we went to Brit and Jehan's (Brihan, whom we went camping with earlier this summer) house for dinner. With a little encouragement Eli took a couple of steps towards Jehan's sister Jade. Then Caleb took a couple of steps toward Jehan.

We are a little insane about pictures but we never feel like we take enough. With over a 1000 pictures its too many to choose from so Phil and I put together this movie....enjoy!

Triplets in Cal_Davis from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.


Myra 米兰 said...

Great Movie! When you have a chance, may I have some copies of the phots with us in them? Your camera is so much better than ours! :)

Jonalyn said...

Petting a chicken = fun!!!

nan cee said...

Love you guys for posting updates and sharing the GREAT movie! Looks and sounds like you all had a great visit. Wish I could have been there to see you and meet the boys but it just couldn't be. So the movie is the next best thing! I was happy to learn you got home safe.
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Jessica said...

It's a swing.
It's a rain hat.
It's a twisted trip.
Love that first picture in the movie and the Pittsenbarger Trio at the piano.