Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crazy Week!


What good little kittens they have not lost their mittens! We got new mittens and they didn't even try to take them off, they must have realized it would keep their hands warm : )

Mama Sue with Mr. T and Caleb

Eli came up with this new game were he puts a toy in his mouth and then either I or Phil take it from him by biting the other end of the toy. There is usually a lot of chasing involved in between transfers.

Sickness and Bad Behavior

We had a crazy week, I threw my first baby shower (yay!) and I was consumed with making 75 cake pops for three days straight (it's quite the process). Phil was going to fix a leak in our plumbing and ended up unearthing a much bigger problem were he ended up replacing a huge section of piping that had rotted so bad you could poke a hole through it with your finger. Then as you know from my previous post the babies all got some kind of stomach bug and were all barfing for a couple of days followed by diarrhea which hasn't entirely cleared up. Phil's parents saved the day though (week really), they were visiting and helped us with all the happenings of the week. Sadly we didn't get to do much fun stuff with them but we are very grateful for all their help and they were very good sports about it. The boys get sick a lot but usually it's just a runny nose and cough. If the grandparents had not been here we might have been tempted to fly them in cause it was brutal! I have lost track of all the loads of laundry we have done, every poopy meant a new out fit change. We went through our entire weekly allotment of 150 cloth diapers two days before our next delivery. And let me tell you, nothing can contain diarrhea, not disposables or even cloth diapers. Ugh so gross!

The smells are slowly dispersing from our house and the last few days the boys have been awful bad. After we have people visiting they seem to go through a withdrawal from all the attention they get. They have all been ganging up on me. The day after Phil's parents left there was so much screaming, fighting and extra destructiveness. I tried playing with them, giving them snacks, putting on their favorite videos, even ignoring them and nothing seemed to make them happy. I have never been so close to throwing in the towel and calling someone to bail me out so I could get a few hours break from them. Even when Phil came home they were no happier and he even agreed with me that they were being really bad. To top it off last night Thomas was up in the middle of the night just screaming his head off for what seemed like hours (I think he might be getting some molars). Anyways, I think they are getting over it now though (BIG SIGH of relief). We'll see how tomorrow goes when Phil goes back to work.

I stole this idea from another blog, I used the boys' newborn clothes and tiny pastel colored clothes pins to decorate the room : )

My pretty cake pops, I'm so proud of myself!

Random Act of Kindness

The other day I got a call from the cloth diaper service saying that someone anonymously transferred the remaining credit on their account to ours, which by the way covers almost a months worth of diapers for these guys. We are really touched by every ones generosity, besides many friends and family, some who have donated more than once, several persons I've never even met have donated to our diaper service. Here we are at 14 months and we have not yet had to pay for diapers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A few months ago I wrote that once the donations ran out I would just bite the bullet and start washing my own diapers but the boys are sooooooo much work (I'm afraid to say more than ever) that I don't think I'm up to the challenge anymore. I am praying and hoping the boys will potty train by age 2, I hope that's not wishful thinking and it is indeed a realistic goal. Lots of boys don't potty train until they are 3! Ok so I guess I better start reading up on potty training, two is coming up fast : )

If the boys need an outfit change I put them down while I pick out some new clothes and for whatever reason they love running around like this and Caleb in particular hates it when we chase him down to re-dress.


Tati said...

dude that's insane! 30 diapers a day??? i'm so sorry... those look like excellent cake pops, though!

Jonalyn said...

Wow, Caleb really didn't want a shirt! They're such cuties, sorry they've been such little stinkers, too! I suppose if I'd been sick and had company, I might be a tad naughty afterwards as well. (Ask my family.) And I cannot believe you made all those cake pops! My goodness!

Myra 米兰 said...

Wow, as usual now I know I have nothing to complain about when I'm going crazy with just one toddler! Glad you survived and had help. :) Molar teething is the worst...Elliot just went through a bout with that.

Langlais Family said...

I CD and wash my own diapers (and work full time). It's totally doable. We have about 30 diapers and we wash every day or every other day if we're lazy and want to use disposables. It helps that our laundry room is on the first floor and I use mostly all in one's.

JP said...

but I'm too scared : (

nan cee said...

How nice for you that the garndparents were there to help through the sick period. I had two babies 13 months apart and my hand full with them both sick at the same time. I can't imagaine 3 at once. Once again I commend both of you for doing such a wonderful job! Yes, after grandparents or other relitives mine too acted naughty since they were no longer treated as king & queen!
My prayers and thoughts are always with you,
A. Nancy

Aracely said...

omg the video! I love them soo dearly!!..delicous boys!!! wow those cake pops look great probably tasted very yummy you planned and executed a baby shower for someone all by yourself? with those stinkers at your heels? holy are super woman.. ;)I like the idea of hanging pieces of baby clothes as decoration..very cute..i cant wait till we connect online to chat with you and the boys.. ;) love you!

Vancouver Elerick's said...

Hi!!! To keep the mittens safe attach them to a cord or length of yarn (one mitten at each end)and run the yarn through the sleeves of the jacket, with a mitten sticking out of each sleeve. Just don't leave the jackets in babies reach so they don't get tangled. That's how the pioneers kept track of their mittens.

Vancouver Elerick's said...

attach a length of cord or yarn to the mittens. One mitten on each end. Slip the mittens through the sleeves of the jacket. If they come off their hands, they won't come out of the jacket. Just make sure the jackets aren't in babies reach, so they don't get tangled or choke when they are not wearing them. This is how the pioneer kids used to keep track of their mittens. Cake pops look terrific!!!!!!