Thursday, December 29, 2011

Womb Mates to Room Mates (15mo!)


Brad Pitt watch out, Caleb Pitt was born with that 'I just rolled out of bed hair look' that takes others hours to perfect! The boy is just blessed with good hair : )

In their Sunday best! TEC

 Mr. Cowlick himself (Eli) woke up one day and was having a perfect hair day! I have two pictures to prove it, although Thomas and Eli seem to have flip flopped and now I can't seem to tame Thomas' hair. I'm tempted to cut it if it doesn't settle down soon. 

Womb Mates to Room Mates

When I found out I was have three babies and not one I threw out my idea of a grandiose nursery with all the details of a perfect baby room. I was more concerned about having a guest room with a bed for all my helper-visitors soon to come. We got one crib and a couple pack 'n play's(pnp) were passed down to us. The first three months the babies all slept next to each other in either the crib or a pnp but then they stopped sleeping through each others crying and we separated them as far from each other as possible. I know some triplet families just bite the bullet and keep them together in hopes that they will just get used to all the crying but I never wanted to sacrifice even one hour of sleep to train them since we hardly slept at all. So for the longest time we had the babies spread out all over the house. At one point we put two together in one room (I don't even remember when) and once we got Eli sleeping through the night we thought it was time for the boys to have their own room. We took town the queen size guest bed and made it The Boy's Room. I don't know why but even before it was properly their room they loved going in there and exploring it. I want to keep the room exciting for them since recently they quit liking TV, so I don't have an easy out for when they are revolting against me! I can now brag that my children don't watch any TV at all (except commercials with catchy jingles), but secretly I wish they did. So the boys room will have separate toys than the living room and we'll use their room sparingly to play in, let's see how long that lasts!

So I present to you a 360degree tour of The Boy's Room: 

This is a video of the boys while taking down the guest bed, they were so excited!

I can't remember where I got this idea but besides labeling what is in the drawers I made these little cut outs so anyone putting away baby laundry will know were things go : )

All our wall art is by dad : )

The boys names were coincidentally all bible names but I think that's really cool! The tags say the meaning of the boy's names. 

The boys were so excited to be reunited that they thought they'd recreate their position in the womb 

I could not get them to all turn around for a picture they were just having too much fun exploring

I caught Eli in mid fall! Perfect form, straight back, arms out and looking forward!


Jonalyn said...

How cute, they're so jazzed to be in the room! Hope they actually sleep in it and don't stay up talking to each other. :)

nan cee said...

Nice for them to be together again during the night. Hopefully it will work out well for all of you. I love the shot of Eli falling. Great catch of the moment!
Love you guys,
A. Nancy

Tati said...

I wish they made those pajamas in my size! They're so cute :)