Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture Update

Don't even think about messing with us!



Who loves me?...
Daddy loves Eli

Mommy loves Thomas

Grandma loves Caleb

I love?...
Thomas loves mommy

Caleb loves daddy

Uh Oh!....Eli loves everybody!

No time to write much so just a cute picture update, can you believe it the boys are sick again (sarcasm!). We are knee deep in baby puke and diarrhea (not the typical cold). My house smells awful. Thankfully papa Ed and mama Sue are visiting so we are not overwhelmed by all this, it's a bad one : (

I'm 29 years old, I'm 29 years old, I'm 29 years old! Ok, got that out of my system, how sad I turn 30 tomorrow, life ends at 30 right? : (

Cameo appearance by Don Elias


Jonalyn said...

30's awesome! But I don't miss it. The 40's are better. :) So sorry they're all so sick! Hope the rest of you don't get it!

nan cee said...

Cute pictures, as always! Get a can of Lysol and spray through out the house two or three times a day and help kill those gems so everyone doesn't get sick. Share my love with Eddie & Sue and save some for the rest of you.
A. Nancy

Tati said...

I thought life ends once you turn 20! :P
super cute pics, sorry the boys are sick again, hope they get well soon!

Bryan said...

Life is better in your 30s. You are settled and you make better decisions. We often look too romatically at our younger times...you're reaching the best part of life.

JP said...

Thanks Bryan! So nice to hear : )

Aracely said...

hermosos! I love the gang picture at the top..of course el tremendo de Thomas is at the forefront ready to fight if anyone messes with him and his brothers.. so cute! I love the close ups they are freakin cute..they are getting soo big..and Love love love Don Elias..