Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Crap! moment #5-8

What better way to describe my 'oh crap!' moments than by pictures...

Oh Crap! moment #5

Caleb how did you get back there with all those dangerous wires?

Oh Crap! moment #6

I am SO not ready for you guys to outgrow the superyard! They can pretty much all do this now but Eli seems to have a knack for it : (

Oh Crap! moment #7

Partners in crime. Caleb and Thomas push the pack n play out and Eli climbs the little bench. Sticks + windows + boys = disaster!

Oh Crap! moment #8 brought to you by Caleb


My quest to teach the boys some baby sign language has proven to be unfruitful. Along with baby sign language I've been teaching them things where I sing a song and they do some repetitive hand motion (I'll try to get videos soon, it's too cute). I think I know why. I asked myself why they learned that so quickly but not the sign language? My first problem, I think one of the two signs we were working on is too complex, the sign for 'more' requires both hands. Second, I am not doing it often enough because when ever I ask them if they want more food I usually have both hands occupied with either a bowl and spoon or I have a baby in my arms while trying to distribute snacks. Third, it's not fun, which is why they learned that other stuff so quickly. So this week we are changing things up. I've come up with my own simpler sign for 'more' requiring only one hand and am trying to do it more often and in conjunction with fun stuff. Like asking if they want to be tickled more. I am really not asking for much just a few key signs to make life easier for all of us. Here goes round two...

The babies got weighed and measured right before they got sick and I'm sure this is not accurate anymore. With all that diarrhea they probably lost some weight but I'm happy to report every ones appetites are up and running like before and it looks like Eli is finally having more solid poops like his brothers but we are dealing with diaper rash now. At every dirty diaper Eli gets power washed with a squirt bottle filled with warm water after he had some bloody spots on his bum and berries, the baby wipes were hurting too bad, poor baby.

Everyone measures the same as last month 28.something inches
C 19lbs 11oz
E 18lbs 13oz
T 19lbs 8oz Everyone gained almost a whole pound in a little over one month!

Up until now I still had the boys in 9mo or 9-12mo pants but they started to look like high waters so I brought up some 12mo pants I had stored away. They fit so much better because I think the older sizes are meant for slimmer babies and I always had a hard time finding pants that fit around the waist. I can call off my search for baby suspenders now : )

This is how I get out my blog posts in the midst of ravenous hyenas!


So I know how the monkey got on your back but what happened to your pants dude!

Goodnight, hold your teddy tight : )


Jonalyn said...

*gasp* Look at that little monkey climbing over the fence! And like every good parent, you take a picture first, then help. :) Looks like you need a custom-made corral now!

nan cee said...

I have to agree with Jonalyn! You need custom made corral! Sounds like things are improving, health wise, and hope no more sickness for a while. On the other hand, sounds like things are hopping fast and furious trying to keep up with the little fence climbers. They are changing as they get older and now becomming lttle boys rather than babies. You just continue doing you great job in raising them and Jehovah will continue to give you the needed strengh and blessings.
My love to you all,
A. Nancy