Monday, June 4, 2012

Potty Training Pt 1

Backyard Fun!
Look what we got for free! A neighbor was throwing it out and we were fortunate enough to drive by before someone else snatched it up : ) A little rusty and needs a new seat but other than that it's good to go! They look like such big boys : )

The boys just barely can ride it using their tippy toes, another 1/2 inch and I think they will be unstoppable! Until we get two more bikes I will have to hide it so there aren't mad fights over it : (

I don't have the easiest time getting these guys to keep their hats on but THIS they fight over who gets to wear it!

This pic cracks me up

boys in overalls are so dang cute! (side note: someday I'll have nice patio furniture, till then, ugly old book study chairs will have to do : )

What is it with these kids and cramming themselves into tight spaces together!

Potty Talk

Potty talk is what I'm calling this phase of potty training. I know what you are thinking, that it's waaay too early but I've been doing some reading and I'm all pumped up about it. My first attempt to potty train won't be until the boys are about 22 months so from now until then it's gonna be raining potty propaganda around here. I dusted off the two potty's we inherited (hope we don't need anymore, but do we?) and brought them into the bathroom so they get used to seeing them. Like I said I've been reading up on potty training methods and was delighted to find some that suggest that there may not be a need to wait for 'signs of readiness' in fact if you wait too long then potty training might be harder than it has to be (I dare not go there!). The method is to bank on the fact that kids this age love being n_ak_ed, how funny is that! I'm going with 22 months since it will be the middle of summer and if I wait till 24 months, when I originally intended on trying it, it will start getting too chilly to run around in your birthday suite : ) 

Honestly, I do not expect it to work the first time around and I'm just viewing it as a practice round but who knows I've underestimated these guys plenty of times before so I wouldn't be surprised if it worked. All I have to loose is a few days, which is how long it's supposed to take to get them started. I'm doing them all at once so I may try to plan it during someones visit for the extra set of hands (hint hint...anyone for July or August?). If I'm getting too frustrated and making no progress after a couple of days I'll call it quits and try again later. We'll see : )


Ferret said...

the old chair, weeds, and a kid with overalls and no shirt. i guess the redneck is starting to come out...

Jonalyn said...

Make sure you get the books "Once Upon a Potty" and "Everyone Poops". I don't know if they were especially helpful for us, but Molly loved them! (Still does.) The boys might as well get used to seeing pottys around ... and if one of them wants to try sitting on it now, why not? Hopefully once one of them is interested, the others will be too!

Phil said...

Those are actually organic, native grasses not weeds.

Mary said...

You are a brave brave brave lady.

nan cee said...

Never to soon but can be too late, that is my opinion! The picture that cracks me up is the one with Phil blowing the bubbles. One of my favorite things but I no longer have little ones to blow them for. I wish you speedy success in the potty training area. It sure will be a help once they are all trained!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy