Sunday, September 23, 2012


Dad was trying to exercise  
Faster Father! Faster!
resistance bands
Caleb is giving YOU the stink eye
Phil making his boys laugh
This is the first climbing wall one of the boys has been able to climb all by himself (Thomas)

Thomas got it all by himself on the first try. Caleb needed some help on the first try and then was able to do it on his own. Eli needed help each time : )
Caleb points at Elmo's nose
Then he shows me his : )
I am trying to make bigger effort to take one of the boys whenever I go grocery shopping. I think they really enjoy it and seriously I think I can hear them learning new stuff. This time I took Caleb by the hand and he rode on an escalator for the first time. Caleb thought it was way cool. Then he found this little Elmo that was stuffed in a clothes rack. We stopped and chatted a while about the Elmo : )

Caleb is sporting his new ribbon bow tie that I made for the boys 

 Suddenly Thomas' hemangioma is really hard to see. It is making me realize how much I have been relying on it to tell him and Eli apart (I can pick out Caleb from a mile away among his brothers). Most of the time I know who is who but lately they have a straight face or are scrunching up their faces in mid cry it will take one or two seconds to figure out who I'm looking at. It's fading quickly and the one on top of his head that's now under his hair is but a shadow. 

Not sure if you noticed by the pictures but I gave the boys a trim. It was much more challenging than just doing a buzz cut (don't look too carefully). I think they look so handsome with long hair on top and short on the sides : )

There are a couple of words I recently realized that the boys have been saying for a long time but I failed to notice so I need to give credit where it's due. I had written them off as baby babble but thinking back they have been saying it very consistently and in an appropriate way for who knows how long. First word is 'ten' ('here you go' in Spanish) but they pronounce it so delicately as 'te.' The other word is 'done' which they pronounce as 'duh' and it's usually in conjunction with the sign for all done : )

 The boys have been saying 'agua' (water) consistently and once Caleb asked for it when it was out of his reach.

 The coolest update of this post is that Eli said a two word phrase all on his own with out any encouragement. We were in his room and I asked them if they wanted to go to sleep (I was only joshing them) and Eli points at his crib and says 'mimi aya' which means 'I sleep there.' They may not have many words but Eli knew how to use them!

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nan cee said...

If they are learning to climb the wall at the playground it is no wonder they are climbing on things at home! The hair trims look great and they look so handsome with them. Love looking at all the new pictures as you post them.
Love to you all,