Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Crap! #38-42

Oh Crap! moment #38

What you are seeing is a boy (Thomas) that is trying to climb INTO a crib and getting stuck! It's a good thing cloth diapers add extra padding : )

Oh Crap! moment #39

It was getting a little warm so I opened the window and propped the fan in it to speed up the cooling process. I had planned to leave it open for just a few minutes because I'm fully aware of what my boys are capable of even though they may not have done something previously.
 If you are thinking 'babies falling out of windows' you are on the correct line of thought but don't panic just yet. I was sitting on the couch watching the boys play and checking my email on my phone. The cat comes running into the room capturing all the boys attention and jumps up on the window and out she goes. I get up to set my phone down on a book case that is literally 6 feet away and when I turn around there is Thomas looking out the window after climbing to the top of the fence! Interestingly enough the cat gave them the bright idea! This is the picture of the scene and I'm sure you'll understand why I did not stop to take a picture of the incident while it was happening. (Thankfully our window is only about 4.5 feet off the ground with a soft gravel landing). 

Oh Crap! moment #40

As much as you'd like to think you are, you are not an acrobat Thomas!

Safe dismount on an otherwise slippery floor : )

Oh Crap! moment #41

I have the boys fairly well trained to not climb on tables now. Well recently Thomas and Eli had gotten accustomed to eating their snacks on top of their picnic table outside. If you can imagine it their butts are on the table and their feet rest on the bench seat. I had been letting them get away with it because I usually have the table on a grassy dirt & weeds part of the backyard and their heads would only stand about 8 inches taller than when standing. Well this day was different since I had moved the table onto the concrete patio (I forget my reason, but I did have one). So on this fateful day I hand out snacks and sure enough Eli and Thomas go and sit on top of the table. Both Phil and I were out there and saw it happen right in front of our eyes, Eli gets the notion to get off but his foot gets stuck behind the bench and face plants on the concrete, as I see it happening I scream at the top of my lungs thinking somehow by screaming it would prevent what was about to happen. Next you hear that awful sound of a human skull hitting the ground (gives me shivers just writing about it). Of course the boys love scooping gravel out of the yard and scattering it about the concrete so Eli got some additional scrapes and cuts from the gravel. Whenever a boy hurts his head in some parentally traumatic way Phil, I, or both of us, depending on who witnessed the incident, confirms out loud so we both hear that said boy is on 'concussion watch.' Meaning we need to be aware of strange behavior in case we need to rush him off to the ER. Eli was on concussion watch that day but never missed a beat, how do people survive childhood!

Oh Crap! moment #42

This next one I did not see happen but have been able to piece the information together. We had some friends over that are not accustomed to toddlers. We were in the backyard and I needed to carry back a bunch of dishes into the house so I took the gate off the doorway since I didn't want to climb over it and drop all the stuff I was carrying. Instead of putting the gate back up I shut the door behind me but didn't lock it. The boys can open the door to their room but it's real loosey goosey so it doesn't take much effort. I didn't think them capable of opening the back door which is actually hard for me to open at times. Oh and besides, my friends are back there and of course they will prevent him from opening the door if he tries (my bad, not my friends, for not letting them know it was dangerous). The second Caleb notices I'm not there (my friends are still strangers to him) he starts freaking out and runs to the door, opens it, and falls down the step onto the concrete landing and falls close enough to the steps and rolls down and couple more steps (not sure how many but thinking it was just one or two). It wasn't a legitimate 'falling down the stairs' since I'm sure that would have meant a call to 911, but bad enough to put him on concussion watch. He had a big ol' bump on his head but just like Eli he didn't miss a beat!


nan cee said...

Well my dears, welcome to parenthood. Children have many falls, scrapes, and scabs but manage to survive! In your case you just have those incidents tripled. I know from experience that those falls and scrapes are all scary! Thankfully these latest incidents didnt require ER trips and you all survived!
My love to you all,

Jonalyn said...

Oh my goodness. I hope I don't have a climber. I love Thomas' face, though! :)

Aracely said...

Omgee! Crazy crazy, seems like the accidents are increasing with these plebes vagos. I got the chills when I was reading them hit their head or face..owwch!. Pobechitos si no mas no fueran tan vagos! lol.. Im glad that they did not get seriously hurt.