Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bluegrass Festival

We took the boys to a bluegrass festival...they had some animals on display and...

What you are seeing is real, Caleb out of his own free will and want is kissing a goat! As an animal lover myself, this is the best picture EVER!!! (even his eyes are closed, so cute!)
Mr. Goat you are my friend
E eating yummy strawberries
I taught the boys to chew on hay
T eating more yummy strawberries

Now we moved on to yummy peaches

It took them a while to warm up or maybe they were waiting for the sun to go down 
The audience and the band enjoyed seeing the boys dance and being silly
It was chilly but I couldn't get Eli or Thomas to keep their coats on
I like this picture because Caleb has his hand in his pocket and Thomas has his hand in his back pocket, they never do this!
Now here is a short clip of the nights proceedings...Eli had me bouncing him like this till my arms were about to fall off! (also as a side note, it was 9pm 1.5 hours past bed time, they got a serious second wind that night and were so much fun)


Only have one but it's a good one!!! So last Friday after I gave the boys a bath I sent them to the living room before putting on their diapers and clothes since having all three in the bathroom for an extended period of time means total mayhem. At the moment I didn't have the energy to fight them to get their clothes on so I just let them be in their preferred state. I brought the potty's out just in case and was being very vigilant since we were indoors and was reminding them every 5 min to pee in the potty if they needed and that you don't pee on the floor. At one point I notice Eli walking towards the potty, he sits down and looks down curiously. I look too and see that he's peeing in the potty!
He did it ALL ON HIS OWN, I was so elated I made a huge deal about it, potty dance, high fives, I showed all his brothers the wonderful thing that had just occurred. I fought back the urge to take a picture but now I regret not documenting it. I even took Eli to the big potty and let HIM flush his goodies down the toilet (they love flushing the toilet). Phil comes home a few minutes later and I tell him about it and he joins me in the praise giving. I wanted to so bad to write an emergency blog post right then and there bragging about this but couldn't get to it. It's a good thing I didn't because 20 min later Eli peed on the floor. Then 10 min later he peed on the floor again, at this point everyone got diapers and clothes. The end.

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nan cee said...

Well at least one of them tested the potty out! Don't give up, they will all learn eventually!
Love you guys,
A. Nancy