Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Having Fun with Grandparents

At the science museum...

The boys are hibernating
Thomas looking angelic

Thomas adopted this squirrel that was supposed to be hibernating in the tree
time for noms!
I tried to convince Eli that the orange noisy stick was way cooler than the pink one... he won that argument
Mama Sue got the boys noisy sticks which they quickly realized they could smack each other with
You think the boys would have been super excited seeing at how obsessed they are about trains, they were mildly amused at best
Caleb playing keep away with mama Sue, notice the plastic piece of junk in his mouth
Happy Boy! (E)
Thomas keeps a straight face even when he's joking around
Library Score!

I was teaching the boys that kitty's wash their hands by licking them, after a quick demonstration all the boys tried it themselves. By far Caleb does it the cutest but for the life of me I can't get in on camera : ( Trust me, it's SUPER cute!

The boys hair is getting pretty shaggy and I wanted to cut it about a month or so before we do their 2year pictures so that their hair would look short but natural and not like they just had a hair cut (it just seems too planned and cheesy). How do you like that run on sentence? Well I just can't bare to shave off that chestnut brown that's become of their hair. The sun is going into hibernation soon so I know if I cut it off I won't see it till next summer. So I think we'll try again for long hair, last time it was just looking too ridiculous that we caved and buzzed it. I'm hoping we can just bare through the crazy stage this time and hope that their hair settles down (literally) sooner since their hair has thickened up. It'll just be a trim around the sides, bottom, and around the ears so it doesn't look too wild for their pictures : )

Some new and old new words

All the boys say dog (pronounced dawg). The boys are crazy about dogs and love petting and playing with dogs they meet at the park which makes me feel extremely guilty that we don't have one for them. But between the cats and the spring chicken's we are hoping for next year I don't think we'll have time or room for a dog, sorry boys.

All the boys say bye bye, which they pronounce bu-ba! It's so funny to hear them say it that way, it cracks me up every time because they say it so emphatically.

Caleb and Thomas say chi-chi (Spanish baby talk for nursing). Thomas says 'ca' for cars but I'm not sure if he means car in English or Spanish since they both start with the same two letters.

A couple weeks ago Thomas and I were looking at a book and he turns the page and points to a little boy and says 'niño,' he hasn't wanted to repeat it since. 

The boys and I were watching this eating healthy DVD hosted by sesame street characters and Eli, who was sitting on my lap, looks up at me with a big grin on his face and says 'eh-mo' (elmo). He hadn't said that in at least two months!

This video is soooo funny, there is no doubt that Eli loves his trucks. Through out the video I sometimes purposely ignore him and this is how bad he wants me name that truck...

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nan cee said...

What is going to happen when Eli knows the name of the trucks and you tell him wrong! How funny. They will soon be 2 years old. Hard to believe!
Take care and share my love with each other,