Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Changes

Some eclectic pictures of the last week...

Eli loading up the backhoe
Caleb getting snuggly, Eli soon joined in for a double snuggle
Deep thought by Caleb Pitts: I REALLY enjoy drinking dirty pool water
First time I gave them full length spaghetti, not sure why I didn't think they could handle it  
now that the rain has returned we regularly frequent mom and dad's bed for jumping time : )  

I don't know who you are but you sure are cute!
taking over our bed : )
You don't want to know what I'll do if you take one step closer!

leaving so soon?

Two has already proven to be a big year with big changes ahead of us. The boys are now weaned (more about that later) and it's so nice to have more time in the day and not be ravished by hunger all the time. Maybe we can go back to being weekday vegetarians like we used to be (well not quite, we just tried to consume waay less meat). I'm hoping their speech will bloom this year a be speaking in short sentences by the time they turn three. I also really, really, really want them to potty train before they turn three! A lot of money and time is spent changing diapers and am soooo ready for this phase to be over. I quickly found out how stinking expensive little boy underwear is, like $3-5/pair! So I shopped used since apparently a lot of people think their kids will potty train at the 2T size and end up using them never or once or twice. I stocked up and we have a safe quantity of 36 pairs of underwear, which should be enough for one pair a day plus accidents since I'm sure there will be many. And no, I'm not grossed out by another two year old's used underwear but if you are old enough to read this then yes I would be grossed out by your used underwear. Take it to the Goodwill, I'm not interested, hahaha! So even if they potty train late the underwear should fit later on since I'm kind of worried it might be too big for my petite guys. They may just have to go commando till they grow into them : )

I've started to notice the boys taking longer to go down at nap time so I had to push naps back by 30 min to an hour depending on the level of activity they had in the morning. They are still waking up at the same time so I think their naps have started getting shorter. Hoping it's a phase and we revert back. So two may or may not be the year they give up their naps. I'm praying it doesn't happen till at least three and a half! The day they give up naps may be the day I lose my sanity, so I'm also praying we can get them into some sort of preschool that won't cost an arm or a leg (for my sanity when naps are gone).

We took the boys to ride their bikes last week and Caleb, the last one to start riding, is the first to balance on his bike! I was super excited and got an ok video clip of it, he had some longer stretches but this is all I was able to record:

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nan cee said...

Love that picture with the bucket over the head! Sounds like everyting is progressing well in moving out of babyhood into boyhood. Keep up the good parenting!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy