Monday, October 8, 2012


We took advantage of perhaps our last summer like day and went to the zoo! The boys have been doing pretty good staying close and since it's becoming more and more difficult to push these guys around we decided to try going stroller free, they did pretty good!


being silly or perhaps tired : )
Eli was modeling for us all day : )

they weren't being very cooperative with group shots
We really should have run a wet comb through T's hair, sometimes those small details elude you when you have triplets : )

another group pic with no smiles, ETC

The boys did lots of running (they never walk) so we brought the ergo just in case they tired out 
We had to carry them the last little bit but that's after three hours of running for these little dudes!

I'm becoming more and more annoyed with strollers and other child transportation devices. Maybe because they weigh a combined almost 75lbs! I can smell the freedom just ahead of us when we won't have to lug those stupid things around anymore! With two adults and no cars to worry about I think we can go stroller free but by myself or near streets I still can't quite trust these guys yet. I don't think it will be too long though, next summer for sure : ) 
dj Pitts! somehow he turned the music off but with that one click it came back on! 

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