Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Memory 2012

Several years back with my friend K and her son Oz we headed out to a pumpkin patch when we passed a cheesy Burgerville billboard of someone drinking a pumpkin milkshake and the caption read 'make a fall memory.' We all laughed about how dumb it was and from then on we called our yearly pilgrimage to the pumpkin patches our Fall Memory : )

This year we went to one hosted by our local multiples group...

I like Oscar's expression in this one : )
T could barely touch the ground but he managed to move that thing forward
Only two bikes and everyone wanted to ride!
with E
T and pops on the hay ride
TCE, looking at a tractor
I do not need to label this picture since this expression belongs to Caleb and only Caleb 
Going into the corn maze
With supposedly 4 exits and 20 minutes of going around in circles we back tracked out of there through the entrance!

Eli is saying 'all done' (Oz, CET)
 Since we made it to our goal of junk food free till two and since it's part of every fall memory we stopped in at Burgerville for the boys' first dose of junk food! Of course I wouldn't take the boys to any old fast food chain, it had to be BV. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a local NW chain that promotes sustainable practices like only serving food that comes from local farms and using eco-friendly packaging that decomposes. They have super yummy cheeseburgers and I'm a sucker for their fried asparagus when it's in season : )

That was the one and only bite anyone took of the cheeseburgers 
but they ate oodles of french fries

After drinking the ketchup Eli moves on to ice cubes : )


nan cee said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Love the wheelbarrow full of boys!
Love you all,

Janet said...

Looks like great fall memories. Wish I could be there.