Friday, October 12, 2012

Triplets 2.0

in the waiting room for our 2 year check ups
we left the stroller in the waiting room and everyone followed mama nicely 
Caleb getting his bp checked
the boys for the first time got the big boy treatment, they were measured standing up, were not weighed on a baby scale or stripped down to their bday suites : ) 

Triplets 2.0 are as identical as they come!

Weight, all in the 30th percentiles

C 23lb 9oz
E 22lb 15oz
T 23lb 9oz    


C 32in      4th percentile
E 31.75in  1st percentile
T 32in      4th percentile   my boys are so tiny, I love it!

Head Circumference
C E T 55-60th% big heads and big brains : )
size comparisons at 1 month and at 24 months, I remember being worry about how tiny and delicate their fingers were. I was seriously afraid I'd accidentally tear one off!
Nothing compares to the changes from 0-12 months where they grew 11 inches and gained 14 pounds but lots of changes were seen from 12-24 months as well. They grew 4 inches, gained 5 pounds and their feet went from a size 3 to a size 5. But the most change came in their abilities both physical and mental. They now run, throw, jump and climb better. They can feed themselves with a spoon or fork and can drink out of a cup without spilling. They follow direction, they are talking, and they know so so much: body parts, colors, trucks, animals, the list could go on.

The boys are wearing size 18 mo clothes except for pants which 12 mo still fits the best and their feet fit into shoe size 5.

Development is spot on for a 2 year old with the exception of speech as you all know. After some thought and reading lots of different things on the subject I'm finding that it might not be a big deal if they are a little behind but what really counts is that they continue to make progress at a normal rate so that by the time they are a few years older there won't be any difference between late talkers and early talkers. For example, does it really matter at age 5 if a kid started walking at 9 months versus 14 months? No it does not. Right now the boys are were they should have been at 18 months so the real test is if by 2.5 years they are where they should be for a 2 year old. Then again at 3 be where they should be for a 2.5 year old and so forth. For a couple of different reasons I had to make a list of all the words and sounds (apparently they count as words) that the boys say consistently (on a weekly basis, not daily). I was quite surprised, it quickly added up to about 30 words, Eli and Thomas say the most (by like 1 or 2 words) but Caleb uses his words the most:

mama, papa, mimi (sleep), chichi (nursing), peepee, caca, mas (more), all done, hooray, down, up, no (t), bye, hi, kitty, agua (water), banana, nino (boy,t), oye (listen,e), aya (over there, e), dog, uh oh, car (t), baby, eebee (name of a character), thank you (c), pica (thorn or poke), ten (here you go), tickle, moo, sound of a siren, choo choo, beep beep, woof woof....

In a milestone checker that the boys speech teacher gave us it says that by 18 mo a child "should have 10-20 words they use in their vocabulary, words may not be clear but we know what they are talking about." At 24 months a child "should have a 50-70 word vocabulary and putting two words together." According to their pediatrician they should have at least 30-40 words by two and he said he wouldn't consider them delayed. If you ask 10 different authorities you'd get 10 different answers. So in my book I'll keep calling it borderline. With that said I think they might not be so far behind : )

After the check up was almost over the boys got a clean bill of health and the doctor said that their room is the one with the most kids and the quietest. He mentioned they were some of the best behaved two years he's ever seen. That is until he came back to give them some books and they all started fighting over them, hahaha! I'm still taking the compliment though : )

The boys got two shots which they did not enjoy to say the least. Then we had to go to the lab to get their blood drawn for some routine testing. It went quickly and easily since they have good veins like their mama. Caleb and Thomas were pretty upset but quickly cheered up when they got to pick out a new car (they all chose a truck of course). Eli was a different story, he was ANGRY, it was like we betrayed him and lied when we said all done after the two shots and now this! He threw his new truck twice, and didn't want to be comforted he just wanted to throw himself on the ground and scream! I guess I can't blame him, poor baby : (

On our way home we decided against the freeway traffic and went through downtown which was also moving really slow. With everyone being understandably cranky Phil thought it would be a great opportunity to treat the boys to their first ice creams! I can't think of another three kids that deserved it more after going two years without ice cream and getting two shots and a blood draw : )

none for mama, lactose intolerant here, it probably keeps 5lbs off of Phil since I do the shopping never think to buy the stuff, ha! 
We thought Caleb would like cookies and cream
for Thomas strawberry
Eli got Cherry Garcia, it took him a while to warm up to the cherries so mama got a few cherries licked clean of ice cream : ) 
Caleb finished his first, followed by Thomas and Eli didn't want his last few bites bc he wanted to go look at the cow mural with his bro's.
we had to go shirtless since I didn't have bibs or another change of clothes 
Afterwards we got to enjoy looking at a backhoe doing some work : ) 

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