Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oaks Park

It felt like we hadn't done anything new or fun with the boys in a while so after brainstorming ideas we decided to take the boys to Oaks Park. It's basically a permanent carnival but it has a small train that's pretty cool. I normally don't like carnival's but for some reason it's permanence makes this one a little less creepy. We thought the boys would really like the train but would be scared of the kiddie rides. Let's see how they did... 
loving the train...ate their lunch while gawking at it
Caleb and dad riding on the train
It was supposed to be sunny and a lot warmer but they got it wrong and I was freezing!

Eli and I were watching from down below
C&T, the brave boys that rode this scary ride!

Eli finally got brave enough to try a ride, this might have been their favorite!
The bouncy boat scared the crap out of Caleb!
CET, not wanting to leave the park!
Thomas gets the bravery award since he rode each ride and liked them all! Caleb was just scared by the last ride and Eli didn't get on two out of the 5 rides. Each time they were on a ride I couldn't help but think that someone would try to jump out and wished it was over faster. I have to keep telling myself to let go and not be so over protective! It was our little splurge for the boys, not realizing they would like the rides so much we bought individual tickets : ( Next time we'll do wrist bands for unlimited rides even though it's still very pricey : )

Here is a video of the boys on rides, it's not that interesting so this is mostly for grandparents and aunties : ) If you watch it notice how after the little car ride is over Thomas (red) and Caleb (dark blue) say 'mas mas   mas' (more). And you may not see Caleb but you'll hear him yelling in the background while riding the boat ride!


nan cee said...

I can't figure out who enjoyed the boat ride more, Phillip or the boys! I remember taking David and Tammy to that park a very long time ago. What a fund day for all.
Love you,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Yes, it looked like Dad was enjoying the rides just as much as the kids! What big boys! I would have been nervous :)

mary said...

So cute, as always! I can't believe that the boys keep their hats on! Good dudes.