Friday, March 15, 2013

Smarty Pants (height corrections)

These smarty pants can do this ABC puzzle in their sleep!
We need to start working on our lower case letters, so we'll need a new puzzle!
Look at those scissor skills! Need I remind you they are only 2.5!
CET, crappy phone pictures made cute by instagram : )
Eli being his cute self

So I suspected the last height measurements I reported were a little off. I measure the boys at home and I thought they were all at least 33 inches but when they were measured at a WIC appt they told me they were 32.75, 32.5, 32.25 (CET) but a week later their pre-preschool teacher measured them to be:

Caleb     34 in         12th percentile
Eli          33.5 in      5th percentile
Thomas  33.5 in      5th percentile
 * (found a calculator online for the % so who knows how accurate they are)

I think this is closer to the truth because they've had two growth spurts since their 2 yr check up. Since then I not only switched them to 18 mo pants but I also recently stopped having to fold the cuffs of their pants. So anyways, happy Friday everyone!

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Jonalyn said...

I love to see kids doing puzzles! Looks like they were all getting along while working on it, too. :)