Thursday, March 28, 2013

Exactly 2.5 Years Old!

They are getting so BIG and quickly shedding the remaining remnants of baby-hood : (
More pics from last weekend...
Caleb and I on a very chilly Saturday
Eli and dad
C and E
In case anyone wonders how we leave the park without kicking and screaming...bribery!
I always come prepared with graham crackers : )
Little feet
Phil took Monday off because he was starting a new job on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day to spend outside as a family so glad he had the day off! The boys got to dust off their bikes and spent several hours riding them!

Thomas is getting really good on his bike and can balance on it for really long stretches!
The boys love riding up and over the pitchers mound

Getting coffee after the park

I think Caleb has been swatted at enough times by our crazy cat that now he blames all injuries on the cat. One day Phil came out after shaving and was bleeding because he cut himself and Caleb quickly points to it and says 'diddle diddle?' (kitty). Same thing when he gets hurt, he points to where he bumped himself and says 'diddle diddle' and makes me kiss the boo boo. He is certainly not afraid of cats in fact he is crazy about them (definitely more than his brothers)! He is always trying to pick them up and give them kisses. Whenever we are out we look for neighborhood cats and pet them. I'm giving my self a 'well done' for turning my boys into cat people. It's not a first, I did the same thing with my brother, with my sister's help of course : )

So like I mentioned in their 2.5 year picture the boys are quickly shedding all remaining baby like qualities. Along with diapers we also just ditched their high chairs and traded them in for booster seats. We could have done it sooner but I wanted to protect my table a little longer (it may just be the only nice thing left in my house). Now that throwing while eating isn't as big of an issue, it should be a little safer but I just need to be careful not to give them real silverware so they don't scratch or dent it. Here's to hoping. The next if not last baby thing to ditch is cribs. Phil has one more test to take before getting his licence so after that and our trip to Cali next month he'll get cracking on building their super cool toddler beds. I intended on keeping them in cribs till at least 3 (it's triplet policy to milk the crib thing as long as possible, if you have triplets you know what I mean) but I think once we see the beds built it will be too tempting not to try them out! 


mary said...

your hubby knows how to build beds from scratch? amazing. he's like a pioneer frontiersman. hehe.

love the photo of SIX chuck taylors in the wagon! i just had an awestruck "omg look at that, so many of the same size shoe" moment. triplets are just so GD COOL!

Jonalyn said...

Wait, aren't your boys climbers? Don't they already know how to climb out of their cribs? Toddler beds might not be a bad idea then. :) Can't wait to see those!

Kat said...

I just LOVE the picture of the shoes :)
Your boys are so cute!
Greetings from Germany :)