Monday, March 11, 2013

Three Ring Circus

At the park, top TC, bottom ETC
having a swinging good time!
T found some hello kitty glasses at the indoor park and wore them the entire time
playing with a cute dog at the park

So Eli and Thomas are pretty much fully daytime potty trained but I can't take too much credit for it since they pretty much trained themselves. Between the two of them I maybe have one accident every other day, which is not bad considering it has only been 2 weeks! Caleb is a whole different story, not sure why he is choosing to be different on this one since they have done EVERYTHING else the same. He's been frustrating me mostly because the other two boys spoiled me. He hardly never tells me when he has to go, he will always tell me that he doesn't need to go when I ask him, which I can live with so I just take him every 1.5 hrs. He always complains right before he sits down but he always does because he knows he needs to go. This is not so good when it comes to pooping because it's a hard thing to predict, he's gone twice in the pot, a week apart. I have to be patient and keep telling my self it's only been two weeks, it's only been two weeks, he'll get there...

All the boys are doing decent with staying dry through nap time and bed time even. Maybe about half the time they wake up dry, not bad in my opinion. Staying dry while asleep is a bonus in my book!

I have been relishing in all the money we are saving being almost diaper free (2/3rds the cost is now gone! 1/3 goes to pull ups for bedtime). We are going to recycle that money back into the boys for fun classes, like music or swimming. It will help immensely if the boys give up nap time anytime before they start preschool, which won't be for another year and half since they missed the Sept 1st birth date cutoff by 27 days (oh well I'd rather they be a little older for school anyways). No nap = crazy mama = anti anxiety medication.

Three ring circus

There are times when I feel like I'm in a three ring circus, with the advent of potty training those times are at all time high! Taking all three into a public bathroom by myself is stressful to say the least. I have one child on the toilet, one that is flushing the toilet non stop, and a third doing who knows what (eating toilet paper maybe)?! I can yell all the empty threats I want but who am I kidding, I'm at their mercy, if I upset them and they refuse to pee I'm the one that pays for that one! When we finally get out of the stall, I really don't feel like washing their hands. If there are people around I will just to save face but if no one is around I'll wash my own hands and get out as fast as possible! Gross I know but what's the point when by the time I get all their hands washed the first two I washed have already re-touched every square inch of the bathroom, pointless.

Pre-bed/nap time is also a three ring circus time because the boys all get out of bed several times to 'pee' before they are willing to accept it's time to sleep. Oh and I should mention it's the only time Caleb actually says he has to pee! A lot of the times they actually do pee so it's not always a bluff. It's too early to crack down on this.

The other time it's a three ring circus is anytime we are about to leave the house. Why, you ask? Because it's the only time I'm really trying to be productive, make lunches, change clothes, etc. So of course I'm not watching every move they make, fights break out, there is unexplained screaming and I have no idea what's happening and can't be a fair judge, someone wants to be held but I need to do stuff! This is why it's the only time I try to be productive when they are awake with no other adult in the house. And don't get me started about getting them in the car!!!


nan cee said...

You do have your hands full! Some day you will look back on it all and admire yourself for surviving the potty training and then wonder how you managed it. I admire you now!
My love to you all,

mary said...

congrats again on the potty training. staying dry during nap and bed time at only 2 years old is FANTASTIC.

feel your pain on the preparations for going out. that is chaotic time. i found preparing the snacks in tupperware containers, and putting the extra clothes in my bag the night before usually helps. also i sometimes put the drinks in sippies already the night before (i keep them refrigerated until about five sec before leaving and just thrown them into my bag then).

OR you could go one step further. if i know that i am going to be leaving the house on a daily basis, i leave a backpack in the car with the non-perishable stuff in it (nuts, crackers, pretzels and WATER!!!!!) and clothing, extra socks, underwear, shoes, wipes and towels (never know when it will come in handy) and cups. No extra prep needed usually.

Jonalyn said...

I cannot wait til Phil has to take them in to the men's bathroom and they discover urinals!