Friday, August 23, 2013

Drawings and Friday Flashback!

Eli's drawing (and his brother's too) is improving very quickly and I'm a impressed because just two months ago he was still just scribbling random stuff that didn't look like anything. It all started with happy faces, and now cars, monsters, trains, and people. All stuff that actually resembles the real thing! I'm finding it all very fascinating, as this is the first time I get to witness this in a child : )

Eli said these were cars
Eli draws his first person!
Eli drew "chiquito mami, big papi"
A person or three-eyed monster?
Triplet Talk

I want to write down some random words and phrases that the boys made up before they quit saying them and I forget all about them. Twin/Triplet talk is to be discouraged but it spreads like wildfire among multiples and I'm not sure it can be combated, or should it be?

Deet = cut or scissors
Amen = menta (mint in English)
Deet Amen = Floss (because you cut floss and it's mint flavored, of course)
Qui Qui = Queso (cheese in English, although they do say cheese but only for pictures) or chiquito (little in English)
Caci = butt (although they are saying "butt" now too)
Agua Nemo = fish
Ding ding, ya! = my turn (this one requires a more extensive explanation, I set an alarm sometimes to signal someone else's turn hence the "ding" and 'ya' in Spanish means enough)

There is a lot more code that I haven't been able to crack so with triplet talk and using both English and Spanish words who knows when anyone will be able to understand what they are saying!

Flashback Friday! Happy Friday everyone : )

A flashback to December 2010!
I love my mismatched pj's, I guess you can say I had bigger things to worry about : )

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Jonalyn said...

I could tell right away those were cars! I love their drawings! And your pjs. :)