Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sand and Water

Now that I have kids I realize there are two things that keep small children entertained for very long periods of time. Those two things are sand and water, a sand box is golden (even a little one), a water table (or small pool) is dynamite. But beware, the combination of the two makes kids almost burst with giddy happiness, it mimics some sort of euphoric drug induced high. Don't worry, you did not lose your child to the bright side, a short nap in the car and arriving at home will bring your child back to the dark side. Yes, that same child that throws himself to the ground when his granola bar breaks in half will reappear soon enough. (Note to self: move to the beach)

TCE: The boys uncle Garret is visiting this week and took this picture of the boys. It was at one of our favorite spots to stop at on our way to the beach. This has instantly become one of my top 5 favorite pictures of the boys, wouldn't you agree?
Eli as a piggy
An instagram favorite of Caleb
Uncle Garret with the boys as they burst with excitement!
They were yelling at the waves to "STOP!"
Caleb at the very back is yelling at the top of his lungs, so funny!
There always seems to be a little creek draining into the ocean, those are the best spots to play in since the water isn't as cold and you don't have to worry about your child being whisked off into the ocean!
T kept doing the splits
T and his sand soul patch


Sara 诗媛 said...

I agree, sand, water, and children are a winning combination...just one more reason to love the beach. Its so nice that we have all these great photographers in the family to capture our childrens' childhood.

nan cee said...

Looks like you are keeping the boys busy and they look like they enjoy all the little outings! I am just feeling well enough to set at the computer to look at all your past several postings. They are soooo cute! Garret looks good and it is so nice he was able to visit!
Love you guys,