Monday, August 5, 2013

Kiddie Rides Galore

After several months we made it back to Oaks Park for their summer toddler session, we got unlimited rides, story time (which we didn't make it to), and snack time. It was quite the bargain since the boys rode a ton of rides. My mom and a family friend Sam were visiting so it was a perfect 1:1 ratio with the boys. It was a big help to have them there because the boys are very impatient at waiting in lines.  
Arriving and waiting in line to pay
Caleb and Thomas in the back. Eli was sitting in between them but chickened out right before the ride started.
Caleb in green, Eli in blue, and Thomas in orange

Eli, Caleb and I in the front. Thomas and Sam in the back or as the boys call her "amanta." 
TCE, after a potty break
We were too slow to make it for story time but we did get there just in time for cookies and juice!
With mama Elda or as the boys call her "mama eh-ya"
We've been having a great time with my mom and Sam so I've been pretty busy (good busy) and haven't had much time to blog. We just got back from camping so I will try to post soon more frequently again : )

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