Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A New Word

We've had a tumultuous last few days with both highs and lows, but mostly lows. It all started Thursday morning as I lay in bed half awake contemplating whether or not to get up and pee or just try to go back to sleep. Eli was in between Phil and I (we hardly ever wake up alone), when I heard him start lightly coughing and then burp. It was unlike a normal burp and I knew what it could mean! I jumped out of bed faster than you can say barf! As I jumped out I yelled to Phil "get the baby up!" I didn't want him choking or something but I certainly wasn't gonna risk getting vomit all over my hair by getting him up myself. So just like that Eli learned a new word, 'vomito' and of course there would be ample opportunity for the other two boys to learn it later on.

The boys, like their mama, are not the throwing up type (I go 10 to 15 years between throwing up). Even as babies they would rarely spit up, I'd strangely look at people who wanted to hold my babies and would request a burp cloth to put over their shoulders. Why? I now know how common it is in most babies. So this is a highly unusual thing for us to deal with!

Eli barfed a couple more times later that day but other than not having much of an appetite he seemed happy. That day he relished in the fact that he was the only one who could drink juice and he'd point it out to his brothers every chance he got (had to re-hydrate him after all that barfing). Little did he know it would be short lived. The next day all was well and we thought it was over...

It was Friday and Phil would be picking up our brand new refrigerator, yay! Long story short, earlier in the week Phil found out that one of the contractors that his company works for accidentally ordered the wrong type of refrigerator for a new condo development and they were selling them off for 60% less than they retail for! I told Phil to jump on that amazing deal because our fridge is too small, the shelving is half broken and the motor makes a funny noise every couple of months. So while Phil was gone Thomas started up and it was not pretty because I spent the next 2 hours cleaning up several messes. A little later, thankfully after Phil got home, Caleb started up as well. At one point Caleb threw up and some of it managed to fall into our silverware drawer, gross! Then some onto Eli's face and onto our chopped up avocados we'd be having for dinner! But that's not the worse of it, Thomas spent the next 4 hours on the couch throwing up into a trash can every 5 minutes, at this point of course not much was coming out. And this whole time I spent wondering if it would ever stop, he can't possibly keep this up all night, can he? I got visions of him at the hospital hooked up to an IV getting fluids for dehydration. Thankfully he finally fell asleep at about 11pm and didn't wake up till 8am the next day!

This is not from this weekend but that's pretty much how Thomas and Caleb looked on Friday : (
Everyone seemed a little feeble but happy so we thought we were on the mend and we celebrated by going to Ikea to get some things to organize our kitchen nook where the new fridge now stood.

This is the kitchen nook before Ikea only we had just cleaned off the table so imagine it piled to the top with junk!
Weekend excitement at Ikea! YAY!
Kitchen nook transformed!!!
Look at that stainless steel beauty!
(I actually wanted a black fridge but that was all they had)
We thought the worst was over, but boy were we wrong. Early Sunday morning, it's all a blur now but at least two of the boys woke us up because they had pooped their pants (the watery type). It was contained thankfully and we took care of it, no big deal. The next day, Monday, all the boys woke us up one by one with diarrhea in their pants! This time it was not contained and got all over their sheets with a trail of poopy foot prints to our bedroom. I went from fully asleep to cleaning and bathing a child in 10 seconds, and so did Phil! After washing them and sending them off into the living room the diarrhea became even more uncontrollable. The boys (mostly Thomas) started creating little puddles of poopy water all over the house (and curious onlookers would get too close and step in it!)! We quickly got them in diapers and cleaned the obvious messes but the house still reeked of POOP! I was extremely disgusted, Phil had to leave for work finally, so I started a major mopping job of the entire house! And mind you it's only 8 am!!!!!!!!!! WORST DAY EVER

The boys were in serious need of extra bathing later that Monday
The last two days have only been mildly better with two boys each morning waking up with diarrhea in their pants because they can't seem to make it to the potty which lives only 6 feet away from their beds! Please please go away already, you horrible horrible virus! I'm soooo tired of cleaning up gross smelling stuff!!!!!!
The backlog of the boys cereal of choice, not about to give them poop inducing mini wheat's, no matter how much they ask for them!
My poor babies somehow manage to stay happy through this all : )

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nan cee said...

I am sooooo sorry for all the gross happenings. I hope they are better now and neither you nor Philip come down with it. Just remind yourself that it is all part of parenting but times three. You will survive!
My love to you all,