Monday, December 2, 2013


Phil discovered a path that goes by the airport to the beach (river beach) so we thought it'd be a fun walk to take the boys on. It was a very very chilly day as you can see by how bundled up we are....

Pretending to be airplanes
ETC got lots of good plane ogling in!
The airline I've flown most often!
The at the edge of Oregon, across the river is Washington
checking out a little pier
Eli and Caleb
Scaring the boys with some crab claws I found

snack break and a chance to throw stuff into the water
boys being silly
Eli joins the fun
sweet boys!

Here is a video of the boys playing rock-a-bye baby and then spotting a plane...


nan cee said...

Another great walk for fun! It must have been real cold from looks of the boys pink cheeks.
Love to all,

Jonalyn said...

What an awesome place for a walk!