Friday, December 6, 2013

Game Changer

The boys may have just met a new milestone. One where they can sort of sit still, be quiet/whisper and let mom and dad at least look like they are paying attention at meetings. We didn't have high hopes when it was time to go to our annual circuit assembly considering how our last assembly went (horrible to say the least). But to our grand surprise the boys behaved really well, day one they did exceptionally well and day two they did pretty good. And it gets better, Eli made some new friends and he will now leave us to go sit with them, yay (Caleb is a little bit willing to leave us but I don't think Thomas will leave our side anytime soon). We're thinking our days in the B school at regular meetings might be over and we can now transition into the main auditorium...This is a real game changer for us!
With my handsome young chaps!
We were looking at the baptisms and they all said they want to be baptized now : )
Day one I kept them busy with new felt puzzles I made them (this may have been why they were so good the first day). Day two I kept them busy with a boat load of stickers from the dollar store. 
At lunch time, just wondering how many 3 year olds still wear bibs while they eat???
I have the messiest boys ever!
Eli looking adorable : )
Eli sitting in between his two new friends.
Seriously, having just two kids to worry about is soooo much easier (it was nice while it lasted)!
Library Time!
I never tire of taking pictures at this library...

Thomas always has great facial expressions!
Eli making a face that says I don't want to stop playing so I can go pee...
Caleb feeding the kitty
"Why hello there Mr. Cat in the Hat!"

"Cool what do you have there?"
ETC, watching me pull out snacks! (notice how Eli is wearing different pants now)
After our great experience at the assembly we decided to be brave and take the boys to a real restaurant!
...and it didn't hurt that there was a train table and toys in each corner of the restaurant.
Do you see Phil in the background? That's were we both enjoyed our relaxing meal and beverage while the boys played to their hearts content : )
We promised them m&m's if they behaved,
this was the only time all three were at the table at once, ha!

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