Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Temperament (and SNOW!)

We don't get snow that often so it was an extra special treat to wake up to this!

Our efforts at making a snowman were foiled when we realized the snow was too dry
Out front
It was tough even making a decent snowball! Brrrrr!

I did a little research on infant/toddler temperament after one of the boys teachers brought it up as a topic of conversation. It's a concept that was previously foreign to me but it was quite interesting to see what kind of kids I have. Temperament is supposedly something inherent or 'is not learned' but something you are just born with. Personality is different from temperament because it is an acquired (learned?) trait that builds upon itself or if you will, develops in complexity as we have more and more life experiences (at least that's how I've come to understand it). Being that the boys are identical it is not surprising that they all share the same temperament traits. There are apparently three different types, and not many children fall exclusively into one of those three categories neatly. I've highlighted the ones that apply to the boys.

Easy or Flexible: these children tend to be happy, regular in sleeping and eating habits, adaptable, calm, and not easily upset. (most common type of temperament)

Active or feisty: children may be fussy, irregular in sleeping and eating habits, fearful of new people and situations, easily upset by noise and stimulation, and intense in their reactions. (least common)

Slow to warm or Cautious (Shy): children may be less active, tend to be fussy/grumpy, and may withdraw or react negatively to new situations, but overtime they may become more positive with repeated exposure to a new person, object, or situation.

So it looks like the boys are somewhere in between Easy and Feisty. I'm happy to see the boys are not shy but they certainly aren't social butterfly's either. The boys aren't overly interested in engaging others but if others try to engage them they do not shy away and will entertain what ever comes their way. They seem to have little interest in other kids their age. I think it's because they have constant playmates and it makes it so they aren't too needy to play with other kids their age. They do, however, adore older kids and they worship their 6 year old friend Oscar. Even though they are brutal with each other when it comes to fighting and hitting they are very very respectful with children they don't know well. They won't hit or take toys away and many times they don't get too upset if someone takes something they were playing with (but they'll throw a fit if one of their brothers does).

The boys are VERY determined and will not stop until they do what they set out to do. Which also makes them extremely frustrated and  melt down when they just can't do something they wanted to (like building the tallest lego tower ever). The boys are definitely on the higher end of the energy spectrum, they are busy busy boys!

I'm working on a personality update next, so stay tuned!

The boys the other day came up with a song, I asked them what they were saying and they said "mama sing" but it sounds more like "mama say" so can't be sure. Anyways, here is a video of it and its super cute! You have to listen carefully to hear them harmonizing (it's Eli and Caleb singing)   : )


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