Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 years 4 months!

40 months old!
Sunday afternoon at the school playground
Phil jumping onto the play structure
Big jump for such a little guy!
Thomas looking as charming as ever
My boys
The boys are becoming so close and I see their triplet bond growing more and more intense each day, it's actually a little scary. Don't get me wrong, they still do their fair share of fighting, but man can they play their little hearts out together! They make each other laugh, they make up games, they have their own language, they hug, they kiss. I recently read a news article that was sent to me by one of the identical triplets in the article, you can read it here: Three Of A Kind. Besides in this article I have read numerous times where identical multiples describe their identical siblings as their 'soul mates.' From what I've learned it's a relationship closer than that of a husband and wife! It's pretty amazing when you think about how there may be no closer relationship that exists and most of us don't get to experience it! I am so grateful that my boys will have such a strong support circle, stronger than one mom and dad could ever create, that will help them get through anything life throws at them : )

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nan cee said...

Interesting comments on the article. The boys are getting so big now and I love it that you keep us up to date and all the fun pictures and videos. Love to you all,