Friday, January 17, 2014

Perfecting The Homeless Look

Thomas dressed himself in several layers, a hoodie, a shirt and a suit coat
The beanie really does complete the look!
Couldn't help myself from giving him a bag full of his stuff, ha!
What more could he need?
Oh yes! Somebody please get this boy a piece of cardboard!
Eli caught wind that the homeless look was in
My boys not looking homeless : )
Here is a video of the boys acting pretty silly. Every time the boys watch it they crack up laughing especially when Thomas asks for pants with his head tilted and when he picks up the "yucky" sock...what makes me laugh is that the first 20 seconds looks almost choreographed!

 The boys are getting pretty consistent at counting to 10 (and sometimes they make it to 13), at times they need a little help...
I put this last video in only because Caleb sounds so cute...

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nan cee said...

Love the videos! They are so cute and amusing!
Love to you all,