Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zoo Hiatus

It's been busy around here, so after a 5 month zoo hiatus we finally missed it enough to bundle up and head back to the zoo. For some reason the coldest days always results in the best animal action. It doesn't matter if an animal is from a hot climate, they are always sooo much more active when it's really cold out! Our best days at the zoo have always been in the winter, go figure! To top it off there were several baby animals to ooh and aww over : ) 

This time around I noticed the boys enjoying the zoo because of the animals and not just because they were in a different fun place. They've always been more into the animal statues and the like more than the actual animals. It's nice to see they are appreciating the zoo for what it's intended for, ha! Right now they are really into knowing if a particular animal is nice or mean. For example, I tell them birds and fish are nice but bears and snakes are not nice (this should come in handy if they ever encounter these out in the wild so they won't go near them). 
Eli looking so serious
Try not to let Phil's gloves, that make his hands look abnormally large, detract you from the rest of the picture, haha!
The guys

Besides the baby elephant we got to see this adorable baby river otter snuggling with it's mom after nursing, awwwww : )
Nothing sweeter than a baby nursing it's mama, it always makes me miss nursing my baby boys!
The highlight of the day was watching this lion cub stalk and play fight with the other two lions. He got so frisky, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen at the zoo!


nan cee said...

I have always enjoyed the zoo! Haven't been to one for ages. It is nice the boys go as often as they do. The picture of Eli looking so serious, in your opinion, to me he looks more like he is pouting! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I always look forward to your updates.
Love you all,

Jonalyn said...

Wow, I guess we'll have to try the zoo in the winter! Otherwise it's a whole lot of "where's the animal hiding today".