Friday, January 3, 2014


We started 2014 with some family fun on the slopes! 

Pretty sure Eli loved sledding the most

Eli was such a daredevil!
Caleb looking a little scared after a run in with a tree, ha!
Pops and E
While Eli kept sledding Caleb and Thomas sampled the ice against our wishes. My friend K said the boys must like the taste of raccoon pee bc the snow wasn't pristine white!
Pops and C
Eli doing a run with K and Oz
They bailed before they hit the car! (j/k)
Family picture!
Here is a video of us sledding. In the first 20 seconds you will witness my awesome cat like reflexes as I save Eli from a world of hurt! Parental WIN!

Bye 2013, Hello 2014!

I can't help myself from reflecting on another year gone by! 2013 was a pretty good year with lots of new milestones. The best and biggest milestone was the boys potty training a little before turning 2.5! I'm so grateful for that everyday and that last stomach bug the boys got was a good reminder of how gross it is to deal with diapers and poop, especially times 3! I shutter to think that all three boys were in diapers full time this time last year. We took down the remaining remnants of the baby prison for good, which wasn't the best idea since the boys broke a part of our TV soon after. They got big boy beds, turned 3 and are now talking up a storm.
I'm excited for what 2014 brings and hope the boys turn into civilized human beings soon and leave all that terrible two/three stuff behind! We will celebrate our 10 year anniversary this summer and we have big plans for that which also coincides with a visit to California. Then the boys will start preschool around the time they turn 4, wow four sounds so old! Everyday I try to soak up their cuteness that comes with how little they are because it will be over before I know it. I love how I can still hold them like babies and smother them with kisses and that they still like it! I love seeing them walk in front of me so I can admire how little they are compared to myself. I also love how I can still easily pick them up and dance with them and spin them around and fling them in the air. The day is coming soon when they'll be the ones that can pick me up, ah!


Jessica said...

When we were little and we went sledding my Dad would duct tape our mittens to our coats and our boots to our snow pants. It was so embarrassing. Your kids look cute and well coordinated. But can't you totally see Papa Ed doing the duct tape thing if he were there? :0)

nan cee said...

Looks like they love the snow and sledding! How fun to sit in my warm house and enjoy them!
Love to you all,

William Nobles said...

What a fun way to enjoy this cold spell!