Friday, May 23, 2014

Good Memories

It was supposed to rain earlier this week so I had planned on doing my grocery shopping that day. But when I saw clear sky's that morning I decided to leave it for the next day when they boys would be in school. I figured we'd better just enjoy the lovely weather instead of spending it indoors : )

Love Caleb's expression here : )
Is it just me or do the buildings in the background look like they are leaning?
This is Caleb's "unimpressed teenager" look
Can you really not tell there is a difference between the two?
Here comes T for teeth
Annie's graham cracker bunnies time!
ETC, no rain just pretty clouds
Of course Eli is the first to write his name, it's the easiest! Funny thing is that he writes it really small (Pittsenbarger below I wrote in what in what I consider a normal size). Thomas is a close second (he can do T H O and A but many times it's out of order, although the T is always first) and Caleb is not too interested in writing his name but he does a nice C. 
Good Memories

Not sure if this is common or not but the boys have really good memories. Stuff that I had almost forgotten about they remind me and it impresses me that they still remember! For example, I for sure remembered who I took with me to buy the boys picnic table because the guy I bought it from had the same name. So to test my theory that the boys have amazing memories I asked the boys collectively who went with me to buy it and sure enough the other two stayed silent while Caleb says "me me me!" He was only 20 months old at the time! How does he still remember and I had never mentioned it since the day we went to buy it? And they do this all the time with just the random-est things ever???

Funny Stuff They Say (the boys crack me up all the time, I really need to start writing these down)

"Next morning Eli hace poop esos calzones," Thomas (translation: Next morning Eli will poop those underwear)

We'd been talking about how our friend Jonny is really tall (6'8") and Caleb says "Jonny come mucha cena?" (translation: Jonny eats lots of dinner?) It's only funny because I always tell the boys to eat their dinners so they can grow big and strong : )

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nan cee said...

Love those expressions and no I cannot tell them apart. They all look alike to me but then I don't see them every day like you do! Looks like they all got hair cuts and they keep on growing. Eli may be thinking ahead when writing his name. I remember as a kid filling out a cereal box coupon, sometimes I drew an arrow with "over" to finish it! Forms never seem to leave enough room to sign the name.
Love to you all,
A. Nancy