Friday, May 9, 2014

Progress Report

 Back in March the boys speech teacher handed me three progress reports, most of it was a lot details and jargon that I was not interested in deciphering. It did however contain a small description of how each boy is doing in the class. It's a little glimpse of the boys personality through the eyes of their teacher, I would say it's quite accurate : ) 

Since we're on the subject I'll report that the boys speech is doing very well. Unlike before, their Spanish is now way better than their English! Their sentences in Spanish have fewer holes than their English ones. It validates my efforts, and it makes me happy to know my hard work has paid off. I have to fight my tendency to speak to them in English ALL THE TIME. I may be a native Spanish speaker but I'm much more fluid in English (that's just what wants to come out). I also have a confession, I didn't really start speaking to them in Spanish till they were like 6 months old. Sometimes I fear that is what caused their initial speech delay and why they had more English words when they first started talking. Who knows, but at least the delay only lasted a little while so not too much harm done : )

Loved this recent drawing that Thomas made!
Last weekend Thomas went with dad to run errands. Phil stopped at Peet's for coffee and let Thomas choose a treat. Out of all the yummy options Thomas picked out the same thing that Eli picked out several months back when Phil took him on errands. They definitely have that twin-tuition thing going on there, or in our case triplet-tuition! 
The swing of peace, everyone has a seat and mom only has one swing to push!
Here is a little video of how the boys keep each other entertained (the other two boys are in the tent)...

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Da young Neun said...

I'm studying spanish but i'm really sure they speak much better than me!