Friday, May 2, 2014

Outdoor Adventure

So it was forecast to be crazy hot (90F) on Thursday and I was debating on where to take the boys. The splash pad at the park or the children's museum so we could check out the new outdoor section that just opened up? I ended up deciding on the children's museum since it is more of an all-morning thing to do. Little did I know that it would have such a big water feature let alone one at all! It's pretty awesome and I encourage all the locals to check it out! It's gonna be our new go-to splash pad (non-weekend that is, bc such a cool place is bound to get crowed). We were of course very unprepared, no swimwear or sunblock. They got pretty wet but it didn't matter since it was so hot. They did get a little sunburned on the shoulders (they don't seem to mind it though). 

CET, they do not like the sun in their eyes so they love wearing their sunglasses!
Playing in the little "creek"

The upper section is designated the "toddler section," there is also a sand pit!
Here is a little video of the boys having a fun time at Outdoor Adventure...

Caleb chillaxing on a bunch of pillows, silly boy!
Caleb and papi!

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nan cee said...

That looked like a whole lot of fun for the boys! I would love to watch them at play there.
Love to you all,