Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4yrs 1mo (4 year check up!)

I tried to get the boys to smile naturally, I explained to them "like right before you get tickled or after you hear something funny," and this is what I got...

CET 4 years and 1 month old!
This was the best of like 2 dozen I took
Don't look surprised look happy!
What are you doing with your mouth Caleb?
Lets be more natural please!
Lets keep the jaws aligned!
Triplets 4.0!

I prepared the boys for their 4 year check up by telling them they may get a shot at the appointment (I couldn't remember if they were due for any but figured I'd cover my basis). The last shots they got were at their 2 year check up when they were still essentially babies and as you can imagine they cried like babies too. Wasn't sure how they'd react at 4 so I tried preparing them without scaring them too much so I told them that they only hurt a tiny bit kind of like getting pinched. I was so nervous for them that when the doc said they were due for two shots I quickly decided to put one off for next year (I figured the chicken pox/measles booster could wait another year since they aren't too dangerous, the disease that is). So we got our nasal flu shot/spray and then their whooping cough/polio vaccine. And what do you know, nobody cried and they all told me that it didn't hurt at all (but I don't believe Eli completely because he flinched pretty hard). Gosh babies are such sissies (haha jk)! Had I known they'd be so brave I'd have agreed to the second one! Oh well hind sight is 20/20 right?

As always (and I'm so grateful for this) the boys continue to be the picture of good health! They are 4 years old and have to get even so much as an ear infection (or any infection for that matter). When they were 2 years old they were prescribed topical antibiotics for a misdiagnosed "infection" which ended up being an ammonia burn from their nighttime diapers which I quickly figured out how to prevent. They hardly ever get fevers when they get sick too. They get a little wheezy when it's a particularly bad cold but each year we use the Albuterol inhaler less and less (I don't think Caleb ever needed it at all this last year). 

Their growth curves are all normal but they are all very petite and that's perfectly fine : ) I love my tiny boys and couldn't imagine not being able to lift them so freely at 4 because I still have to a lot! As it is they feel really heavy to me and I keep thinking to myself any day now! So here are their official stats:

Caleb        31 lbs 5 oz, 37.5 in (3rd%) and BMI 54%

Eli            29 lbs 1 oz, 37 in (2nd%) and BMI 24%  

Thomas    31 lbs 5 oz, 37.5 in (3rd%) and BMI 54%

Funny, we go back and forth with Thomas and Caleb or Thomas and Eli being the same...why does Thomas fluctuate so much?! But I guess its not that much of a difference since Eli is only a smidge smaller but still, it makes me wonder? Another weird thing is that Thomas seems to eat the least out of all three and yet he's the same weight as Caleb and weighs more than Eli, what gives?

Sorry everyone but I am about two weeks behind on pics so I'll try to catch up with my blogging soon!

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nan cee said...

I love those cheesy smiles! So nice to hear they are staying healthy, must be good healthy food and lots of exercise!
Love to all of you,