Thursday, October 2, 2014

Papa Ed Jackets

I pulled out these wind/rain jackets for the boy to wear and immediately Eli called them "papa Ed jackets!" and then I remembered that papa Ed does have a very similar jacket : )
Caleb is giving his brothers a ride in his "ATV"
Last week after preschool
Thomas has moved on from trains and is now drawing firetrucks!
Funny Stuff Said

-As we were heading out to the car these two ladies jogged past us and Caleb out of the blue says "esas senoras van a matar ardillas" ...translation: those ladies are going to kill squirrels 

-Eli, asks "Mami, papi tiene chichis chiquitas?" ...translation: mami does papi have small boobs?
Me, "yes he does" (because men technically do have breasts).
Eli, "quiero venga mama Elda, mi dice papi tiene chichis chiquitas" ...translation: I want mama Elda to come so I can tell her that papi has small boobs.
Me, "oh ok."

-A classmate of the boys told his mom that there are three Thomas' in his class, ha!

-It was a rainy day and I had just put some new sweat pants on Eli. I was mentioning to him how comfy and nice it is to wear sweatpants at home when it's cold and rainy outside. Eli seemed very grateful for them and said they felt very very nice ("muy rico" were his exact words). Then he asks, "mami tiene sweatpants?" (mami has sweatpants?). Me, "no, but I need to get some." "Mami tiene rainjacket?" (mami has a rainjacket?) Me, "nope."

Then Eli says, "Eli crece alto fuerte mi va tienda, mi compra rainjacket pa mami, mi compra sweatpants pa mami!" ...translation: When Eli grows big and strong (their way of saying when they become an adult) I will buy mami a rainjacket, I will buy mami sweatpants!
Me, "thank you, that's so nice of you!"


nan cee said...

The boys are learning to think on their own and express themselves, which brings smiles and laughter to the rest of us. I hope papa Ed gets to see your latest post with jackets, how cute is that! Beware, questions will be coming right and left now that they have started!
Love to you all,

Jonalyn said...

These kids are just too cute! So funny :)