Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Comparison

I found a picture of myself making a similar expression as Thomas did in a certain picture so I thought it'd be fun to compare them. At first I thought we were the same age but now I think I was 5 yrs old in this picture (I should ask my mom to make sure, maybe later). I definitely see lots of resemblance but there are also a few differences as well. Thomas' hair and skin complexion is lighter. My hair line is farther down my forehead (to put it nicely, heehee, they have Phil's forehead). My nose is a bit more defined and my eyes are a bit bigger. Anyways what do you think?

I got the opportunity to be a parent volunteer one day at the boy's preschool. It was fun seeing what their life is like when I'm usually not around : )
They did lots of playing first thing
After morning playtime and arts & crafts it was snack time!
A different parent brings a snack each day. 
Off to play in the gym.
The boys got to be the leaders of the "train" since their mom was the volunteer and the kid who's parents provided the snack get to be the caboose : )
Eli in the firetruck he always hogs : )
This is the same gym that hosts toddler open play. I've been bringing the boys here since they were 18mo old and this year they got all new toys for the gym. This motorcycle is the only original. I still remember how badly the boys wanted to ride this but just couldn't reach the floor with their feet cause they were so little, aww miss my babies!
Thomas in the police car he always hogs : )
After school fun!