Wednesday, October 8, 2014

One More Week Of Summer

A couple weeks back the weather turned cooler and wetter. I decided it was time to put away all our summer clothes and bring up all our cooler weather clothes especially since it was almost October. Then just like that we were graced with another week of summer like weather (and perhaps even more because the forecast is still looking good into the next week). After ALL that work! Oh well, I can't complain since it's been beautiful!
TEC at the zoo!
The blur!
The boys are really into drawing right now.
It always comes and goes in phases, they get really into it and
 then later they could care less for it!
The boys were playing "garbage man," so they tore up half a dozen paper bags and spread them all over our bedroom. What the ketchup is for I don't know, but I'm really glad Phil caught them before they used it!
Gallivanting towards preschool!
Post preschool fun at the park : )
How he likes to swing : )

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