Thursday, November 20, 2014

Perturbed, Frigid, and Elated!

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks!

Perturbed, frigid, and elated!
Thomas getting a special treat when he went with dad to run errands. Thomas always wears his fireman jacket when he goes with dad since he knows he won't object to it. I won't ever let him wear it when we go out in public, ha! (mostly bc they always wear it at home and it gets kind of dirty after a while)
The boys have learned several site words (oso=bear in english), and Thomas loves to see if he can write them too! I'm impressed at how well their penmanship has gotten just in the last few months.
Lock up your daughters when these three are around!
Eli and papi at an assembly last weekend : )
Here are a few cute videos of the boys, mostly for the grandma's and aunties : )

Eating noodles is hard work!

This one is from summer and the boys are arguing about how to assemble their new bikes. 

Eli is vicious!

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nan cee said...

Handsome young men all dressed up and yes others better keep their daughters away. From that argument about putting the bikes together I would say there better be at least three daughters. If there is just one it may cause difficulties! HA!
Love to you all,