Friday, November 7, 2014

Ready For Winter

Bring it on winter!
We are ready but it's been so warm that we've had no use for our cute winter clothes yet! Can't believe I'm complaining that it isn't cold enough, haha!
Aunt Janet visited last week and we had lots of fun with her! She treated us to a real life train ride that goes from the train museum to just past oaks park. If you are a local or visiting with young train enthusiasts you should definately do it bc its about 40min and only $5/person.
In true Caleb style (full relaxation).
We rode in the top part of a red caboose! Even the adults thought it was cool : )
Two weeks ago on a day hike
Thomas has finally started writing his name with the letters in the right order! And since this picture his A's have significantly improved. Now I just need to work with Caleb, he writes his letters out of order and backwards (right to left and mirror images). It will take some work to correct this!
Caleb got a hold of my phone and I had about 50 pictures like this!

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Jonalyn said...

We are going to have to try that train ride! I love all the selfies. :)