Friday, November 14, 2014

Sauvie Island Beach

Last Saturday we took the boys to Sauvie Island beach (about 20min from our house) and the boys had so much fun that I kept asking myself why we don't come here more often since it's so close! We come often to the island since it's full of u-pick farms in the summer and pumpkin patches in the fall but for some reason we just never make it out to the beach. We will try harder once winter is over : )

I couldn't get a straight face on anyone that day!
The boys never play with this car at home but on the beach it was a hot commodity!
Get ready for some big waves!
CET, I don't know why I thought they wouldn't get wet! At temps in the low 60s (maybe high 50s, can't remember) they didn't want their sweaters and were more than ready to wade in the frigid waters of the Columbia river!
Caleb and Eli 
Another boat went by, waves coming in!
It was a beautiful day albeit a bit chilly.

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