Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We spent the last week in pure misery. We caught either some epic cold or the flu. It knocked Caleb, Eli and I OUT! We had low grade fevers off and on, we sneezed non stop, our noses ran constantly, the bright lights burned our eyes and even now we are still coughing and hacking up unidentified matter. I seriously can't remember when I've felt worse! Thomas seems to have caught it too but his only symptoms are a runny nose, what gives?! And for now Phil seems to have escaped getting it but he shouldn't celebrate just yet, there is still a chance he could start up!  The worse part is that it has thwarted our plans for the long weekend, stay-cation it is : (

The boys couldn't seem to peel themselves off of the couch
to do much of anything but sleep and watch tv
Caleb and Eli easily polished off half a bottle of children's tylenol
The only nice thing was lots and lots of snuggles

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Jonalyn said...

Aww, everyone looks miserable! Bad timing. :(