Monday, January 12, 2015

Go Ducks!

Since Cal isn't in the championship game tonight Phil thought it was ok to root for the ducks. But hey the boys might go to school there some day so you never know : )

A couple days ago Caleb decided to throw on his sports gear,
which influenced Thomas to do the same.
The boys proclaimed that they had their "baseball clothes" on and were ready to play ball, ha!
A few moments later, as promised, we all watched a family movie (aka non animated kids movie) by the name of Golden Receiver (you know, the air bud series of movies), in hopes that it would disentangle their confusion. 
The movie was quite inspirational and got the boys all "playing football" for the entire second half of the movie. One boy would throw the ball...
...and they'd all run to get it just like when the ball is fumbled in a real game. 
They were as much fun to watch as a real game : )
Eli finally got out his pj's and joined his brothers
How could these true Oregonians not root for Oregon?
Go Ducks!

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