Thursday, January 15, 2015


While my mom was here a couple of weeks ago we thought we'd see if the boys' cowboy vaquero outfits finally fit. My mom got them these from Mexico over two years ago and we thought they would have fit like a year ago but my shorties have great patience when it comes to growing, haha! Everything fits perfectly so now we just need a good fiesta or rodeo to sport these at!

Thomas, Eli, and Caleb
Caleb loved wearing his outfit and didn't take it off until bedtime : )
"I present to you my good friend, don Thomas"
"Thomas and I have been through a lot of stuff together, some bad..."
"...but mostly good times!"
Some out takes 
As you can see Eli (middle) was an unwilling participant and we just barely got him to cooperate for this picture!


Jonalyn said...

So Eli wasn't interested in being a vaquero? Que guapos!!!!

nan cee said...

Pajama Day must be fun, just look at those fun pj's!
Love you all,

nan cee said...

What good looking cowboys! Maybe Eli just doesn't want to be a cowboy!
Love you guys,