Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pajama Day!

Pajama day at preschool has never looked cuter!!!
Eli (middle) trying to act mad and not smile
Then they get goofy
The boys looking up at where they were born. 
Took the boys to the dentist the other day and they were such great patients,
they got their teeth cleaned and x-rayed.
No cavities and they could see by the x-rays that their big boy teeth are ALL there and growing strong. I had been wondering if they'd be missing a tooth like I do (it just never grew in for me). Doc said it's a common birth defect related to the palate closing in utero, after all these years who knew! It just makes me marvel at how perfect my boys are down to the very last detail, especially when you think about the fact that they were the same embryo that had to then split two more times (a lot can go wrong when splitting!). 
Eli was an excellent patient!
The boys played with their goodie bags after their check ups while I quite literally spent 20 minutes signing digital paperwork, ugh!
It's a small world : )

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